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Nikon D3200 live view image brightness not changing

edited October 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Initially, the image brightness of the live view of my Nikon D3200 keeps on changing when the shutter speed or aperture or ISO is changed in Manual mode. I played around with some settings, and now I find that the brightness of the live view doesn't
change at all! It is displaying in the same way as it is seen in the view finder. Change of shutter/aperture/ISO now has no effect in the live view mode. Somebody please tell me how to restore to the previous setting. Thanks.


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    My use of live view is very limited, and it's my understanding that the view you are supposed to see through live view is "display preference". This mean that the screen always shows what the meter recommends, and does not reflect how the camera is set. The very lack of what you are speaking of is often cited as a shortcoming in Nikon's implementation of live view. There are a few situations where it can be tricked into darker or lighter views, often corrected by switching live view off then on again. None, as far as I know, even if they do reflect changes you make, do so in a way that is useful for predicting exposure.

    The scene will darken and lighten routinely while auto focusing is occurring, and may change somewhat as the camera is moved, depending on your meter setting.

    There are no settings I can find that change the basic behavior of live view, but one which changes what happens when you shoot is very significant, and you should check how that one works. In the shooting menu, under "movie settings," one option is whether manual movie control is on or off. When you turn manual movie control ON, it actually ends up severely limiting your ability to work in live view when taking still pictures. When movie manual is set "on" you cannot change aperture at all, and the lowest available shutter speed including for manual setting is 1/30.

    Make sure that you did not reset the movie preference to manual by mistake, but otherwise I'm a bit lost trying to figure out what might have been happening. Unless you were shooting right at the very edge of acceptable exposure, where the camera's internal meter could not compensate.
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    Well, I have found the solution as follows:

    . Movie settings
    . Manual movie settings - ON


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