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Unwanted flash

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Hello. How can I keep the flash from popping up when I use my automatic settings? Can I not disable it? I'm on vacation right now and don't have the book with me. During my last vacation a friend of mine set my camera on a mode where I could just point and shoot under any circumstances and it would focus and take. If I wanted to use the flash I could enable it by pushing the Flash button.


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    You can’t disable flash in Full Automatic Mode. That’s just how it is. In that mode, you surrender all controls to the camera.

    You have a couple of options.
    - Switch to No Flash Mode. That’s just the same as Full Automatic Mode except the flash won’t fire.

    - Switch to Program AE and enable Auto ISO. As long as you don’t turn the mode dial, then this is basically the same as No Flash mode. The flash will only pop up if you press the flash button.

    Now, I wouldn’t be giving responsible advice without mentioning this. After you get back from your vacation and have a moment, you need to learn how to use your DSLR outside of the Auto modes.
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    @ohyeahar - wise words in your P.S. It'll take more than "a moment" though!
    @TriciaH - without wanting to sound condescending in ANY way, the 60D is not a beast for the point-and-shoot amateur. I've had mine for over two years and still only understand about 60% of it. You can download the manual and send it to a Kindle so that you don't have to carry around a very busy paper version?
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    Hi TriciaH,

    When I go "automatic", I use the Program Mode (P). Set your ISO to "A" if it isn't already and fire away. If you need flash, just press the flash pop up button. When you don't need it, push it back down. It's great for quick shots. Then I would adjust the exposure compensation as needed.
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