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Tethered video shooting

edited October 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Howdy people,
I need to perform tethered video capture with a Nikon D3200.

I have my D3200 body mounted on microscope. It is very handy to use tethered shooting in such a case. I recommend digiCamControl. The thing is, it allows me to capture stills but not videos. All the other software I've found on tethered shooting doesn't support video capture, nor it does focus stacking. These are documented as 'not supported' in current D3200 firmware - so there is no possible way to do that at all. Besides, I believe that usb cable doesn't seem to support bitrate needed to transfer HD video stream. One needs to buy recording hardware and connect it via HDMI, which is not an option.

Tethering software sends commands to the camera - to get a shot, to autofocus etc. Camera firmware receives and performs these commands. Also, I know that it's possible to start video recording via remote, so all I need is to tell the camera itself to start video capture, as if the red button was pressed. That is, connect to the camera, take some test shots, set up ISO etc, and then make it start recording with these settings. How do I do that?
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