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Canon EOS550D/T2i + Flash YN565EXII issue

edited October 2014 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Yongnuo YN565EXII flash to be used with my Canon EOS550D/T2i camera. I am really happy with all the tests I have done with this flash since I got it two weeks ago, except for one weird issue that I am having.

With the flash connected on the hot shoe and working perfectly well, it won't fire when I use a remote shutter release (R-6) also from Yongnuo. I have tried with the camera's built-in flash, and it fires the flash, but not the external flash. When I press the remote shutter, it releases the shutter, but doesn't fire the flash. Then I change to single shot, I press the camera shutter and the flash fires. It also fires with the self-timer, if I shoot from the camera.

Has anybody experienced the same issue and been able to fix it?

Any help will be appreciated!!

Thanks in advance,


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    Hi there,
    Have you set up wireless shooting with the Yongnuo? Its manual should tell you how to do this if you haven't.
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    Hi PBked,

    Thanks for the quick answer!

    I have the issue when the flash is connected on the hot shoe, not off the camera. The problem is that it works in all situations except when I use a remote shutter, which is what I need for self-portraits. If I set the self-timer it works, but I need to use the remote shutter.

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    I’ve no experience with your gear combination, but here’s an idea:

    I’m guessing your remote somehow fails to wake up the flash from standby because it’s a third-party remote. Half pressing the shutter button should do the trick. Then you just need to quickly use your remote to trigger your shutter before the flash goes back to stand-by.

    If that works, then it may be worthwhile to get a first party remote (i.e. one made by Canon). Of course, you should test it out at a camera store to see if that can successfully wake up your flash before getting it.
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