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Change image quality from RAW + JPEG to RAW only

edited March 2012 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
How do I set the image quality on my Canon 60D? I want to change if from RAW + JPEG fine to just RAW.


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    If you are on the Q (quick control) screen, use the four way button to get to the format selection, then you can scroll through the different formats with either the large thumb wheel or the dial by the shutter button. If you press 'SET' into the format screen, you have to use both the large control wheel to select the JPEG sizes and the smaller dial to select the RAW size. Hope that helps! - Joe
  • Howdy @jhoisington - It looks like @atssjoe answered your question. If you're still having trouble with it, just jump into the Menu, select 'Quality' under the first shooting tab, rotate the smaller command dial (on the front of your 60D) to highlight RAW, then press the quick control wheel to the left to highlight (-). This will change your image-recording format to RAW only. Happy shooting! :)
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    Thank you, I have been struggling with this for months and Moose's explanation was the first that I truly understood.
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