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60D cheat cards

First off, hello to all. I'm new to photography and the 60D. I upgraded from a Rebel XTI and man what a difference. I know some have already asked about a 60D cheat card, but I was wondering if any are available, and if so where to find it. Thank you all in advance.


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    I would LOVE cheat sheets, and will happily buy whatever lenses you recommend, if I don't already have them.
  • Hi @Concetta! I actually have a set of cheat cards for the 60D here:
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    Yes, I tried to order some cheat cards with no luck. Filled out the order form, clicked on pay, and got zero.
  • @photojunky - Just sent you an email to see if I could be of some assistance with your order. All the best!
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    Hello everyone. Greetings from the UK. I am new to this forum, but I'm very impressed with what I have read. I too have the Canon 60D with the EFS 18-55mm, and now the new 70-300mm with IS. I have had my camera about 3 years now and have only attempted to use manual setting once. I am now looking to go to a camera club, and I think the cheat cards are a great idea. I will order them soon. Love your site Moose.
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    Thanks for this site. I just love my 60D.

  • I have the tamaron 17-55m AF F2.8IF, which cheat sheet would go with this ? Also which category on the cheat sheet would be the best for shooting a birth in a hospital delivery room? Love these cheat sheets. Trying to get the hang of manual mode.
  • I'd love to find cheat cards. I love my 60D, but sometimes the auto white balance completely changes the color of something I'm trying to get a good picture of. It changes something from a warm color (like redish wood) to a cool color ( like a beigeish wood). this ruins the picture and I'm sure it's because of the auto white balance. Nikon has a option that lets you "keep warm colors" when auto white balance is in effect. How can I do something like this with my 60D
  • Hi Moose. I tried to purchase one of your cheat cards. Apparently, it always pop up with try again.
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