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I know the 60D does not have a wifi option. I saw a card a while back that had wifi built in. Has anyone used one of these? Also is there an option to send pics to my phone so I can then upload them to facebook?


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    The most popular of these WiFi cards is the Eye-Fi. I use one of these on my D5100. It works great. I set it to transfer the images to my phone, then I can do with it whatever I want with it on the phone (e.g., share to FB, post to Instagram, etc).
    And when my phone is connected to the Internet by WiFi, it automatically uploads the photos to Eye-Fi and whatever cloud backup service I want.
    Also my computer at home automatically downloads the photos from Eye-Fi servers. So every shot taken on the camera would automatically show up in multiple locations: the SD card, my phone, my PC, cloud.

    The only downside I can think of is that it will impact the battery life of your camera and your phone if you leave it on all the time. For this reason, I usually keep it turned off (which can be done via your camera settings). I only turn it on when necessary or when I get home and battery life is no longer a concern.
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    Is it a wifi device that we have to buy like gear?
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    It’s an SD card; so yes, it’s hardware. Doesn’t cost much so I think it’s well worth it if your camera body doesn’t have WIFI built-in already.
    See here for details:
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