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Selective Color Photo

edited July 2014 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Is there any way to remove the selective color feature after the picture has been taken? Halfway through some fireworks, my thumb rotated the effects setting to selective color and then I lost all the color in the remaining pictures, but did not realize it until I got home!


  • edited July 2014
    I have the D3200, and it does much the same thing more simply, and have checked out the instructions for my wife's more complex D7100, which is more like yours. If you are saving your files as JPG, you can apply selective color after the fact and create a second file with your selection, but if you have shot the picture in selective color, as far as I can see, it cannot be reversed in JPG format.

    If you are saving your files as RAW, then yes. You can go into the View NX2 or other editor that reads RAW files, including the RAW editor in the camera, and simply change to whatever other color control setting you please. This kind of retroactive decision is one of the big reasons for saving your files as RAW. A RAW file contains whatever the camera's sensor saw. What you see when you view it is a JPG overlay applying your camera's settings, but the pre-setting information is all in the file and can be recalled.

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