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Best Third Party Speedlight

edited June 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum

What is the best third party speedlight for the D3200? I am entry level and have found a niche for newborn/children/maternity shoots.



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    It’s not worth it to save a few bucks by going with 3rd party flashes, especially if you’re entry-level. Many 3rd party flashes don’t offer TTL metering which is essential if you’re not an expert on strobes.
    If you’re buying a flash, get the Nikon SB-700. It can swivel in all directions and has enough power for most people. It also works off-camera which you can take advantage of without buying additional gear if you upgrade to a more pro body later on (the D7xxx or any of the Nikon full frame bodies) or if you just get another SB-700.
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    I have a Nikon SB 800 and as I needed a second flash have just acquired a Neewer VK750 11.
    It works flawlessly in TTL and is a great slave for the SB 800.
    The build quality is good.
    How can they make this for the money?
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    I have an SB700 and a Yongnuo YN467 II. Believe it or not, the Nikon flash is sometimes annoying to use. It has more features and is more powerful, but I have no issues with the cheaper unit. TTL function is not as good as the SB700, but I now find myself always using both speedlights on Manual anyway on both my D3200 and D7000. The Yongnuo was about 1/3 the price of the Nikon. Yongnuo makes other models as well.

    Most annoying things about the SB700 is that you have to press the release button to rotate or tilt the flash head, and the bounce card always slips out when you use the Wide Panel (diffuser). On the YN467, the flash head can be rotated and tilted without needing to release it, and the Wide Panel is always secure.

    Hope this helps.
  • Nissin make good flashes too but for beginner use nikon have made new sb-500. Its small and light and has all the basic functions.
  • @rmohoff - Everyone who replied before me gave you excellent suggestions. If you're starting to do paid newborn/children/maternity jobs, then I would spring for the SB-700. If you're just doing it as a hobby for now, I would go for the more affordable SB-500. All the best!
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