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Viewfinder goes black in P mode

edited May 2014 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I would like to bypass the LCD viewfinder in taking stills in p mode since outside it's hard to see. My issue is when I try to take a picture using viewfinder it goes black after I press shutter button. What am I missing?


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    The nature of DSLR's is that when you press the shutter, a mirror moves out of the way for the light from the lens to hit the sensor. When the sensor is exposed, the mirror blocks light from going into the viewfinder so you'll see black.
    In general, you get visual back almost immediately because the mirror would move back down. Perhaps you've set the shutter speed to really long or in bulb mode, so the mirror doesn't move back down because the shutter is still open.
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    Hi nan,
    When you say you want to bypass the LCD screen, I'm guessing that you are used to shooting in live view. If this is the case, then what @ohyeahar says above is causing the black screen. Live view can be useful for taking stills, but it is not the best use of a DSLR. Try using the viewfinder more.
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