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Interior low light still photography

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I'm taking pictures of a basement for a builder's website. I'm looking for the best settings for low light, still photography. I have tripod and a Canon 60D.


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    Are you implying that you don't want to use a flashgun and rely just on available light?
    In which case you'll need to ramp up your ISO in a basement setting and are therefore very likely to get a lot of "noise" in your shots, even with a wide aperture setting (Av)!
    A flashgun with a diffuser and/or bounced off of walls and ceilings will give you much better definition at lower ISOs.
    Hope that helps.
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    I agree with MisterD in what he says, however, if you really want to use available light and a low ISO then you will have to use your tripod and a timed exposure. It is better to use a remote for this, although you can get away with using a time delay.

    @MisterD - Hey where have you been hiding? I've missed you. Liontamer and I are still in touch and he thought you had quit the forum also.
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    Hi, my old firm sold my department to a new firm and my feet have barely touched the ground for the past 6 months!
    Also, on the rare occasion I had time to visit, there seemed to be logon issues at this site?
    Anyway, good to hear from you and glad the liontamer is still stalking prey!
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