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Blurred background indoor and outdoor

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How do I not get blurred background outdoor and indoor when using my 60D? I use the 135-55mm lens. If anyone can help I would be thankful.


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    Can anyone help please?
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    Hi there,
    In order to get clear backgrounds you need to increase the depth of field of the lens; you do this by increasing the aperture or using a wider angle of view. Auto and Program modes choose your settings for you and sometimes will give a larger aperture than you want in favor of a faster shutter speed, so switch to AV mode. Large apertures between f/1.4 and f/5.6 give varying degrees of blur, so for better depth of field you are looking to use from f/8 to f/22. Even if your lens goes smaller than f/22 you have to be careful that you don't get blur caused by diffraction.
    Of course, the smaller the aperture the slower the shutter speed becomes and the more chance there is of blur caused by camera shake. Raising your ISO will help with raising the shutter speed but also introduces you to more noise in your picture.
    Generally, I use f/8 with an 18-270mm lens outdoors when in most cases the shutter speed will be sufficient to counteract shake. I limit my ISO to 800 which is where noise begins to raise it's ugly head.
    Indoors is a different matter. With the same 18-270mm lens set to f/8, I would either use flash or a tripod.
    I'm sorry if this explanation has been too long, but I hope it is of some help.
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    Thanks a lot, it really helped.
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