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Cheat Cards D3200

I just purchased your Cheat cards for the Nikon D3200. On them you reference page numbers, what are those for?


  • Thank you for the help and suggestions @Moose and @Bruto.
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    I love the cheat sheet cards, they are so handy. I have been playing with timelapses and wondered if you have any tips about that?
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    The cheat sheets are very helpful. I purchased two for the D3200, one for the kit lens, and one for the 55-200mm. Then I suffered hard drive failure and lose one set. I had popped the kit lens set on my cloud space but had not finished reading through them before backing up the other set. That will teach me.
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    @gordo, if the hard drive failure is a failure to boot, rather than a complete and utter crash, I would suggest you try running the drive as a secondary or external drive. You can get cables to hook up drives to the USB port, and it's possible to extract a lot of data even from one that won't boot up. If the drive is too glitchy to boot reliably, and destined for complete failure, it still is sometimes possible to get it running for long enough to salvage some files.
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    Yeah, I have been trying, as a USB external drive. I tried a couple of data recovery programs, but after a very short while it just crashes out again. I cannot get it to run long enough to do anything worthwhile sadly. It is fit for the bin, but I will run it down to recycling center. Thanks.
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    It has been about three months (now Dec 7, 2015) since my last message, and I am wondering how things might stand on the Tamron 16-300mm cheat cards?
  • Hi @Seba_Kirkpatrick - I just finished the new cheat cards and sent you an email on how to get a set. They'll be live to the rest of the world in a week or two. All the best!
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    Hi @Moose, I have found your cheat cards and found them very promising, but I use 18-105mm lens with my Nikon D3200. Do you have any time frame in which we can see this set in your cheat cards? I have seen some comments in this thread, but as they have no date and time stamp it's hard to judge. Thank you in advance.
  • Hi @ritchey - I actually just finished them and emailed you to tell you how to get them before they go live on the website. All the best!
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    So pleased I have found this site and forum. The cheat cards sound great, and I have a few lenses for my D3200, so will soon be getting the cards.

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