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Taking pictures of the sunset over the ocean

edited February 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi Moose,
I am going on a cruise in a few days and would like to know how best to achieve that beautiful sunset/rise over the ocean from a cruise ship. Are there certain filters to use? What type of setting on my camera should I use? I am so very new to all of this, and I am very excited to learn it all.



  • Hey @SusanKB - I would definitely get yourself a circular polarizer. This will give you a deeper blue sky with more cloud detail and a bright blue ocean beneath it. For open water sunset/sunrise shots from the deck of a large boat, I would do the following...

    1. Enable Aperture Priority (A on mode dial) & set the Aperture to f/8
    2. Set the ISO to 100
    3. Set the Metering to Matrix
    4. On the lens, turn VR OFF & switch A/M to A
    5. Set the AF-Area Mode to Auto-Area AF
    6. Set the Focus Mode to AF-S
    7. Set the Release Mode to Self-timer
    8. Aim the camera upwards towards the sky so that it fills the frame and half-press the shutter button to lock focus and exposure.
    9. Continuing to half-press the shutter, recompose to include some ocean, then shoot.

    All the best and have a wonderful trip! :)
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