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Aquarium shots

edited February 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi Moose,

I'm new to your website, but I've found it really helpful since getting my Nikon D3200 for Christmas. I am going to be visiting Toronto's newest attraction, the Ripleys Aquarium, with the wife and kids. I have the 18-55mm and the 55-200mm lens. I would greatly appreciate your help with the settings for my camera based on the setup (most probably low-light, no flash, moving objects etc.). I am looking forward to the trip and bringing home some memories.

- Mario


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    Use your 18-55mm. Set the maximum aperture and ISO high enough to give you a reasonable shutter speed of 1/60th or more.
    Your biggest challenge in aquariums is reflections. For a small price, purchase a folding rubber lens hood with a filter size to fit your 18-55mm. You can press this up against the glass to cut out extra light. I always carry some moist lens tissues and it is a good idea to wipe over the area where you want to place your lens hood to remove any fingerprints and guck.
    Don't try to follow fish around the aquarium because the light values and refractions in the water will be changing constantly. Just be patient and wait for them to pass in front of your lens.
    Happy shooting!
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