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How do you get photos of butterflies and other insects with the Canon 60D with 50mm f/1.8 and Raynox 250? If I get too close they fly away. What settings do I use? Do I use auto focus?
Thank you!


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    Kill them first!! Seriously, I have always had the same trouble. I have started to believe that all those lovely close-ups of spiders, butterflies and bugs are either plastic or drugged in some way.
    I would tend to use manual focus for anything close up.
    Regards, PBked
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    I actually got a bunch of butterfly pictures last year and had the same problem at first. I had the 50mm lens and they kept flying away. I went out an got the 18-135mm lens just so I didn't have to get too close. I try to find an area that they land on a lot and focus on that. Then when the butterfly comes back I only have to adjust a little bit. I always try to get the flower and everything in the picture clear so as far as settings at 1/125 seconds and f/16 should be good. If I knew how to add a picture to show you I would.
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