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18-55mm vs 35mm Cheat Sheets

edited January 2014 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
Hi Moose,

Well I bit the bullet and got myself the 35mm prime. I only had the D3200 a few days, but I knew it was an inevitable purchase so I thought why not. After playing with your settings for low light portraits there's a clear difference between the shots I can achieve with the prime over the kit lens, so it seems like a worth while purchase and will be especially great for when the little one arrives shortly.

With that in mind, I'm hesitant to purchase the cheat sheets for the kit lens, but at the same time I'm eager to get shooting. My question is, will there be much difference between these sets of cheat sheets or will the 35mm cheat sheets when they arrive be a tweaked version of the kit lens cheat sheets?



  • Hey @lamorg - Yep, there will be a pretty big difference between the two. The set for the 35mm will have a different assortment of scenarios, largely due to better low light performance, a shallower depth of field (bokeh) and a fixed focal length. They should be out in the next couple weeks, so you'll be able to compare the scenarios and see which one better suits you. All the best! :)
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    Hey Moose, thanks for the quick reply.

    I look forward to the new set for the 35mm as it's the only lens I plan to use really; well until I can persuade the boss to let me splash out on the 18mm-300mm. :)

    It's all about achieving great baby photos for me and I think the 35mm is just the lens for the job. I need to get practicing, but I have 10 weeks before the big day so hopefully that's plenty of time.

    Cheers for your help!!
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    Hey @moose, no pressure, baby due in 5 weeks now just saying haha!!

    The low light portraits tips you've already provided will probably suffice for my needs, mainly close ups of my baby boy in the hospital when he first arrives and a little photo shoot at home. Still eager to see your 35mm cheat sheets though, hope all is well.

  • Hey Lee (@lamorg) - Sorry for the delay...things have been buys around here. Wow, I'm excited for you! My wife and I just had our second baby not too long ago. It's such an awesome experience. You'll do great!

    I'm just putting the finishing touches on the 35mm cheat sheets, which should be out very soon. All the best to you, your wife and the little one on the way!
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