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Water sports

edited December 2013 Posted in » Nikon D3200 Forum
I've just purchased my new Nikon D3200 camera today and I'm so excited! I also purchased the 55-200mm lens. I'll be attending a Christmas party at the beach and will be using jet skis. What setting do I use for this kind of action?


  • Hey @wintermum - I would shoot in shutter priority (S) and adjust your shutter speed to 1/1000. This will give you a fast enough shutter speed to freeze most of the action. If you notice a bit of subject blur, try increasing it to 1/2000. As long as you have plenty of light, it shouldn't be a problem getting a shutter speed that fast.

    In addition to the above mentioned settings, I would set your focus mode to AF-C and adjust your release mode to continuous. With these settings in place, half-press the shutter button to continuously focus on the subject and when ready hold down the shutter to fire off a burst of images. This will increase the odds of capturing a keeper.

    Happy shooting! :)
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