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Settings for jewelry shoot

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I just purchased the D5100 along with the Af-s micro Nikon 85mm f/3.5g ed lens for taking photos of my handmade jewelry. Can you guide me as to what setting you recommend for achieving detailed results for posting my items for sale? I also have the 18-55mm lens which came with the camera.


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    Jewelry shots are extremely difficult with the amount of reflection that the jewelry can produce. I've been shooting with a D5100 and found in my case that a Macro lens produced much better shots then the kit lens. I also found that the lighting of the jewelry was more important than the lens being used. I recommend getting a good tripod, some decent lights and use the following settings:

    - AF-S focus as nothing should be moving.
    - f/22 to capture the full depth of field; you may need higher but the lower you can use the better.
    - ISO 100 - The lower the ISO the less grainy the photos will be.
    - Speed isn't so important if you have a tripod and time, since things are not moving.

    For examples of jewelry photos I've taken see:

    I'm not a professional but I have been slowly learning myself how to take better jewelry photos. Give yourself time to learn and to do it right.
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