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Quick Beginner Tips and Cheat Sheets

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    Unless you are a lottery winner and don't mind splashing the cash, the two lenses you have will cover most of the scenarios you mention. Only when your photography begins to improve will you want to consider more serious and expensive lenses.
    Go to the home page for Moose's cheat sheets, a very worthwhile and inexpensive purchase.
    You want to know how to take great pictures? Go out and take them! Seriously, more can be learned from doing than reading. Unlike film days, with digital you can snap away all day. By looking at your pictures you can see what works and what doesn't. Neither Moose nor I can give you our experience, we had to get that for ourselves.
    Very happy shooting.
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    Thanks, PBKed!

    I appreciate the insights..

    I could find the cheat sheet for other versions/models but couldn't for the T3i.

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    Hi again.
    The T2i and the T3i are virtually the same camera, so what works for one should be ok for the other. I believe Moose is working on some cards for the T3i if you want to wait for them, but to be honest, you will find very little difference between the two sets. The T3i has slight differences in the menus and some of the buttons are different, but exposure settings for different scenarios will be identical.
    Regards, PBked
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    Good to know. I will wait for 2-3 more weeks for the T3i version, otherwise I will buy the T2i version. I appreciate the inputs PBKed!

    Thanks again.
  • Hey @shutterfly - Congrats on the new T3i...she's a dandy! On to your questions...

    1. As @PBked pointed out, your existing lenses will cover a wide range of subjects and scenes outdoors in good light. However, both of these lenses aren't ideal for low light shooting. If you're interested in photographing weddings, concerts and/or sports in low light, you'll need a much faster/brighter lens. The "nifty fifty" (50mm f/1.8.) is an affordable option that will give you better low light ability and a shallower depth of field for blurring the background behind your subject. Check out my visual guide here:

    2. I'm finishing up a set for the T3i. Should be out real soon...I promise. :)

    3. Ha...thanks for the kind compliment! Well, the best advice I can give you is to focus on one particular type of photography at a time. When you try to tackle too many different styles of photography, especially in the beginning, you'll quickly get information overload and photography won't be exciting or fun anymore.

    Start with something that interests you most. Research the best settings, go practice with those settings, make mistakes and then go practice again. It's like riding a bike. Eventually, you'll balance things out and be riding as fast as you can pedal.

    I also recommend investing in a good editing program. I love, love, love Adobe Lightroom. I do most of my editing with it. You can use Lightroom to not only edit, but also organize your entire library of photos. It's the gold standard right now, both for beginners and professionals.

    Hope all of this gets you going in the right direction...all the best! :)
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    Hi @Moose,

    Thanks so much, and ! really appreciate all the insights.

    1. I am am traveling and visiting some places and friends by the end of the month so I am really excited (and cramming) to learn all I can to get the best shots possible using the T3i. The tips and visual guides on the 50mm f/1.8 is another great thing I am excited about, so I am intending to buy this lens this weekend. Hopefully I can do justice with it. :-)

    2. I will probably not have problems navigating the menus and dials of the camera. I am anticipating that the cheat sheet will come in handy guiding me the most common, if not the best, aperture/shutter and creative settings I should use to get a good effect for my shots. I'm so looking forward to it.

    3. Yup, thanks. I am sticking with just the common, basic day-to-day or travel photo ops initially. I will check Lightroom as well soon, at least for organizing photos.

    Thanks so much for your time and guidance.

  • @shutterfly - Glad to help...happy shooting! :)
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