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External Flash Control Shutter Sync

edited November 2013 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
Custom Setting in Canon 60D does not retain External Flash Control Shutter Sync.
I setup the Mode Dial on my Canon 60D for a few settings. One of those settings is:

Flash Control -> External flash func. setting -> Shutter sync.

I set this to "2nd curtain".

One of my others settings it the Picture Style set to "User Def. 1".

It registers all my settings correctly. BTW, I used the instructions on this website. Thank you very much!
I change the Mode Dial to and confirm all my settings are there.
I change the Mode Dial to and change my Shutter sync to "1st curtain" and Picture Style to "Standard".
I change the Mode Dial to again and my registered Picture Style is still "User Def. 1", which is correct.
But my Shutter sync is now set to "1st curtain" but should have been set to "2nd curtain".

I checked the manual on page 262 (as your website also instructs, thanks again!).
On page 263, there is a section titled:

Menu Options which can be registered.
I clearly see "Shutter sync" in the list.

So, what am I possibly misunderstanding or doing incorrectly?
Can someone else try this on their Canon 60D?

Thanks in advance!



  • edited January 2014
    Happened to me too. Do it twice, it worked for me the second time.
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