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Issue with Line Appearing in Photos

edited September 2013 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I just purchased a T2i off of ebay and it looks like it's in pristine condition. I decided to take a few test photos with the kit lens (I don't have any other lens to work with at the moment) and immediately noticed a thin line appearing in every single photo taken. Here are a few examples:

Note: all lines appear about 3/4 from the bottom of the photo.

The crazy thing is that the line doesn't appear when I take video; the video comes out perfect.

Does anyone have any idea what this is? Is it the camera itself or the lens? Is it an issue that can be fixed or is the camera defective?

Thanks so much in advance. Im a huge fan of the resources you provide.


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    Weird!!! Beg, steal or borrow another lens from a colleague or ask at your friendly local camera store. That will prove or disprove the lens theory.
  • DocDoc
    edited September 2013
    Of course what would happen if you removed the lens completely indoors, set the camera to aperture priority and shot off a frame with no lens at all attached to the body.

    The T2i will work without a lens. I have shot in the past with extension tubes, reversed lenses and home made pin hole body caps. In each of these cases the camera senses no lens attached.
  • @ekkerr - That appears to be an image sensor issue. Not an easy fix. I would try to get a refund if you can. All the best!
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    Thanks for the replies. I tried different lenses, removed the lens, tried a different memory card, tried different camera other words, I tried it all.

    I ended up saving myself the hassle and returned the camera for a full refund (thank goodness). I'm now currently searching for a good T2i deal online.

  • Glad to hear it @ekkerr!
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