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Tamron Versus Sigma Lenses

edited September 2013 Posted in » Canon Lens Talk
I'm looking into getting a new lens for my T3i and I'm wondering which is better between Tamron or Sigma?


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    They average out about equal. I owned the Sigma and Tamron 18-200mm simultaneously at one time, and without looking at the shooting information, I could not tell which lens was used to take the shot. I traded them both for a Sigma 18-250mm, but found that the Canon EFS 55-250mm gave better shots.
    I now own the Tamron 18-270mm pzd and I love it. I have just returned from my yearly holiday in Italy and it was the only lens I took with me. It is a little soft at the long end and even with VC (vibration compensation) you need a steady hand or a tripod at 15x zoom. Having said that, the compromises that Tamron made are generally acceptable when you consider the zoom range.
    One last thing, the Sigmas tend to be a little heavier than the Tamrons.
    Best regards, PBked
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