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Converting RAW files taken with the Canon 60D

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I need to know how to deal with raw files. They are stuck in Photoshop and I can only view them in Photoshop it seems. I cannot download them to the web.


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    Thanks so much Mister D, very helpful. Another question...I have had this camera a couple of months. On my first system camera, initially there were 2 formats, jpeg and RAW. For some reason, files became all raw. I wonder if that is because I accidentally pressed a button? It happened on sports mode.
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    @genome - My advice is to not worry too much about image quality. Get out and take hundreds of jpeg shots to experience what the camera can allow you to do.

    To re-set the image recording quality (file format) read page 84 of the excellent (if dry-as-dust) manual that came with your camera.

    The 60D is a beautiful piece of kit but a beast to master, so you definitely don't want to spend more time post-processing than taking it out and about and learning how to compose shots.

    Good luck!
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    Please do not forget about the RAW Files. Set your camera up to shoot both RAW and JPG, this will give you the best of both worlds. Instant photos in the JPGs that you can use right away, and RAW Files that you can convert and play with at your convenience.

    With RAWs you can save some photos that you would have otherwise lost due to the way they turned out, shadows, lighting, etc. It does take awhile to figure out everything on the 60D, but don't forget about a huge part of taking photos with it.

    Once you have down how to convert and manipulate the RAWs you won't go back to not using them. I also recommend reading the User's Manual that came with your kit, read it form cover to cover as it contains a wealth of information for you.
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    Thanks for the intelligent comment. I shall not forget.
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    By the way, I bought my camera in Sweden so the manual is in Swedish. My mother tongue is English, and although I know Swedish very well it would be faster for me to read the manual in my mother tongue, but I cannot find the manual on the internet in English. For this camera (Canon 60Da), a is for astro, which incidentally needs a so-called modifier to work as well as a terrestrial camera. Where I live they said they would order a green filter. Is this what is meant by a modifier?
    Thanks again, SM
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    With regards to your question about using the 60Da for ordinary shots, the answer is yes, although Canon recommends the use of an IR filter to improve color reproduction.
    Regards, PBked
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    Thanks! I asked my dealer in Sweden and they sent me a long list of filters; a lot of them are UV and infrared. I would have thought Canon would have more info about the right filter for the astro camera. Anyone know which filter it is?
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    Thanks for help with other.
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