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Pictures Missing from Memory Card

edited August 2013 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum
I took a bunch of pictures this weekend and reviewed some of them on my camera with the memory card in it. Last night I put the memory card in my laptop to upload the pictures and only the older pictures I took were there, nothing new from the weekend. I put the card back in my camera and I could no longer review them there either. Is it possible the card was full, but allowed me to take pictures anyway? If this is correct, why was I able to review them on my camera until I took the card out to upload them? Help! Thanks.


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    @mlynnking - Your camera has an option for releasing the shutter without card which also applies if the card is full. It is possible that the card was full and the pictures you saw were what was left in the buffer.

    By the time you returned to the camera the buffer would have been flushed. However, the buffer is quite small and would not store in your words 'a whole bunch' of photos. So in this case, I would suspect a card fault.

    Can I ask, do you always format your card in the camera and not a computer? Not doing so leads to a whole lot of problems although the card is not actually faulty.

    It's due to the way that cameras and computers map out the storage space on your card. Windows treats all memory the same which means it always allocates some system space for itself.

    Cameras do not have an operating system so they format the card differently. Try using the free program Recuva and check your card to see if the files are actually there.

    Hope all this makes sense and that you manage to resolve the problem.

    Best regards,
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