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Rear Setting on the On-camera Flash

edited August 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I'm trying to create an engagement photo for a client with them holding a sparkler with writing to the the right of the photo. I've done my homework! I've practiced with the settings on "bulb" to keep the shutter open during the writing of the words. I've figured out that it must be very dark to get the right effect, and that my subjects need to stay perfectly still while my assistant does the writing. Problem is I get a flash at the start of the shoot and at the end. I feel like we only need the flash to go at the end of the exposure. Is there a way to change that setting?


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    @CrazyAboutHair - Is your flash set to Rear-curtain sync? If not, make sure you're in Shutter priority (S) or Manual mode (M) and then change the flash mode to Rear-curtain. This will fire the flash right right before the shutter closes.
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    I am on manual mode, set to Bulb to keep the shutter open for as long as needed. Then I also went into the flash options and set it to rear, but I'm still getting the flash in the beginning and when I release the shutter. Any ideas? Maybe I need a slave?
  • @CrazyAboutHair - I'll have to do a little "bulb" experiment to see if I can replicate the same issue you're experiencing. Just curious, if you manually set your shutter speed to say 30 seconds instead of enabling bulb, do you still get two flashes?
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