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Flash and Ambient Exposure

edited August 2013 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum
Hi, I've read somewhere that flash exposure is directly controlled by the aperture setting and background and ambient exposure is directly controlled by the shutter speed.

Is this true?

I had the impression that overall exposure can be directly affected by any of the two hence both shutter speed and aperture setting can control the flash exposure and vice versa. Any thought on this? Thanks!


  • Howdy @athena - You're swimming in very technical waters. :)

    Exposure is ultimately controlled by aperture, shutter speed and ISO, regardless if you're shooting with flash or without flash. As you can imagine, there are countless combinations depending on the subject/scene, the light and the effect you're going for.

    It's really hard to explain in simple terms how all three work together in unison. The best way to approach it is to try to nail down particular settings for a very specific shooting situation and as you shoot, you'll get a better sense as to how everything works together.

    If you can describe what you're trying to shoot, the gear you're using and the effect you're trying to go for, I'd be glad to point you in the right direction.

    All the best and happy shooting!
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