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Higher Frame Rate Stutter While Playing on Laptop

edited July 2013 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hi, I made the mistake of not checking the settings while recording video on my Canon 550D. I realize that it was shot on a frame rate of 50 fps. On the camera the playback looked fine, but on my system, the video is stuttering. I really need to salvage the video. Any suggestions?


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    Hi @KKaur,

    In your message you do not indicate whether your laptop computer is a standard one or a powerful one with a dedicated graphics card aimed at gaming. For the purpose of our discussion, I will assume you have the more common type of laptop computer, aimed at word processing, email and internet browsing.

    You can load the footage on a nonlinear editing tool and convert it to 25fps. The NLE will drop half the frames, but otherwise your footage will play back at normal speed.

    NLE software usually requires a fast computer with a good graphic card and lots of memory, so maybe not a good idea to do it on your own computer. I personnally use Sony Vegas, but there are several others which I cannot recommend since I have not used them.

    An alternative would be to upload the footage on Youtube. Youtube will create lower resolution versions, such as 480p and 720p, which may very well playback on your computer without stuttering.

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