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Making the SB-700 fire while set aside and using the D5100

edited July 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
Just trying to figure out how to detach the SB-700 flash, put it aside and yet be able to control that when I release the shutter button on my camera. I went through the camera menu but nothing really jumped out at me. I went through the manuals for both the flash and the camera, but again, nothing really jumped out.

It's a simple setup. I'm trying to use the D5100 without the use of its own flash, but want the SB-700 to fire when I release the shutter. How can I make the camera talk to the flash?


  • Howdy @djrobinn - You'll need some sort of triggering device to communicate between your D5100 and the SB-700. The only way to get it to fire without a dedicated triggering device is to enable your built-in flash on the D5100 and then setup the SB-700 to fire once it sees that flash. All the best!
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