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Starter settings for shooting waterfalls and sunsets with the Canon 60D

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Hi my name is Kyra and I am going to shoot waterfalls and sunsets in a few days. What is a good f-number and shutter speed to start? Does anyone have some good advice?


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    @kybo - 1st, always use a tripod. Best to shoot near dawn or dusk when light is low. I've had good luck using shutter priority (Tv) mode and setting the shutter to 2 seconds. Depending on light level, you can experiment with different shutter settings.

    I've also used aperture priority (Av) mode, especially when ambient light is really low or in deep shade, and closed down the lens to f/22.

    Gives water a nice silky look.
  • @kybo - I second the advice @captaind provided. Start in Av mode and vary the aperture between f/8 to f22, shoot on a tripod and set your ISO to 100. To eliminate any chance of blur, be sure to turn off IS and enable the self-timer. All the best!
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