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London Photography

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Our best man and bridesmaid bought us tickets to take in "The View" from The Shard in London for our 40th anniversary.

The weather up to the day itself was capital K Krap, but on the day... well?

London likes to nickname its buildings, so the bendy one in the foreground is The Walkie-Talkie and behind it is the still-in-construction Cheesegrater. It's deliberately shaped like a chisel so that it wouldn't impair the view of St Paul's Cathedral from the East End! The black monolith to the left is the NatWest Bank tower - Vertigo 42 with a wine bar at the top with an equally fabulous view. The somewhat phallic black and blue building to the right is known as The Erotic Gherkin.

The sky had just enough contrast to make it interesting and check out the curvature of the earth!

I love London!


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    Yes, Flickr does seem to crop the shot? I'll upload to to see if that's better.
    When we got back down to the ground floor, someone queueing to go up asked if it was vertiginous because they were afraid of heights!
    Fact is, it's so high, it looks like toytown below. I've felt more exposed up a 10' ladder!
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    Nice shot MisterD. I only live 12 miles from London and keep meaning to do the Shard. I could see the curvature by looking closely at the background. Incidently, you get the same effect from the top of the London Eye and it's a lot cheaper than the Shard. I still can't manage my DSLR because of the weight, but my wife bought me a smaller bridge camera so I am able to take photos again.
    Regards, PBked
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    Really glad to hear you're back in snapperland again. I still miss my Fuji S100fs!
    My (red)bubble is truly burst. :-) I still love London and that shot though.
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