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60D and Tamron AF 60 Macro Lens with a Ring Light

edited July 2013 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I bought a Costco Canon 60D and just purchased the Tamron AFG005 60mm macro lens. Now I need to get a ring light. Will the Canon EX-14 fit my setup with the Tamron lens or the Sigma EM-140?
I am using it to take close up pictures of teeth, obviously for dentistry. ;)


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    Hi @Sluri,
    The Tamron 60mm macro has a filter thread size of 55mm which is what I believe the Canon MR-14EX is designed to fit, so I don't see any problem. If in doubt, take the lens with you to your stockist and ask to try out the 14EX on it.
    Regards, PBked
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    Thank you for the quick reply. I am assuming the Sigma will be the same?
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