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NHRA Drag Racing Event

edited June 2013 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I'm going to the drag races, and I'm looking for settings for still cars, and also cars running down the track. I have a Canon 18-135mm kit lens and a Tamron 18-270mm. What would be the better lens to use?


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    I shot the Gatornationals back in March and I rented the 100-400mm and loved it! It's obviously too long for typical pit shots but I usually zoom in on certain angles and small parts/logos/shapes anyway so it wasn't too bad. It was really sunny so speed wasn't an issue and I was up in our usual seats for most of the races. I shot ISO 200 most of the time. I'd honestly worry more about which of your lenses is sharpest because if you blow the shot up any at all you'll notice softness because of all the logos and stickers on the cars. Most of my favorite shots were panning and a few closeups of the burn outs. The longer zoom is great but the sharpness really stands out. My shots this year were much better than last year when I just had my kit lens.
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