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Photo Information

edited June 2013 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
Hi All,

How do I find photo information for the images on my camera (date photo was taken, photo name as it shows when uploaded, etc)?

Thanks so much for your help!

God Bless!


  • edited June 2013
    On Windows 7, right-click on image, properties, details.

    Another easy way is to go to the following web site:
  • Thanks for the reply. However, I was actually referring to finding this information while the image is still on my camera.
  • edited June 2013
    While you're in Playback mode, press the DISP button twice.
  • Thanks! Is there any way to find the corresponding file name as well? I see the date, but not the name.
  • edited June 2013
    I don't have my T3i with me, but isn't that the label on the top right of the display?
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