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55-300mm or 70-300mm Lens?

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Let me start by saying I'm extremely new to the DSLR world, and even though I haven't spent much time with my D5100, I know I want a higher powered lens for some wildlife photos.

That said, I've come across these two lenses and was wondering what the primary difference between them is, if they'll be fully compatible with my camera, and what differences in my photo's I'd notice between the two of them.


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    I had the 55-200mm and got the 70-300mm to replace it. It is a bit more hefty, but well worth it in my opinion. I use that lens a lot, specifically for wildlife. I would recommend it over the other option, the 55-300mm. If you do get the bottom of the line lens, you will grow out of it sooner. Get the best lens you can afford and it will be cheaper than getting a cheap one, then trying to sell it so you can get the one you should have. Ask me how I know. :)
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    I have the 55-300mm lens. Autofocus is fast, VR works perfect and it's very sharp. I am very happy when I use this lens.
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