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Humidity and Heat in Mexico

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I'm off to Mexico in August and obviously it will be hot and humid. Any thoughts about potential problems with the heat and humidity for my camera and lenses?


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    Thanks for the info liontamer. I'm staying in a secure hotel and I'm not planning on taking my camera out of the resort. There are plenty of photo opportunities within the hotel complex (sun rise, sunset and the beach for example).

    My real concern is the heat and humidity and your comments give me some valuable advice.
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    Thanks again Liontamer.

    Due to our jobs we have to take our longer vacations in August and have visited Florida and the Caribbean islands several times. I managed ok with my camera in Florida last year but I'm aware the heat and humidity will be very high in Mexico.

    There are over 3700 reviews of the hotel we are staying at on tripadvisor and an active forum. So far I can only find one reference to theft. However, we are not naïve travellers (been to Jamaica a number of times) and all insurance is in place.

    We love the heat that's why we keep returning to that general region. Any advice on camera care and the best settings to use with a Canon 17-40mm lens in those light/weather conditions would be much appreciated.
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    The 17-40mm is the L series zoom and mostly for landscapes. I'm also taking a canon 70-300mm for longer shots.

    From what I've been reading I think the humidity will be my biggest problem. Any thoughts?
  • Any thoughts on camera settings in such bright conditions?
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    Man's a genius.

    I'd be happy to pay for this quality of advice, but that's the beauty of this forum; no one calls you a Richard Cranium for asking simple questions. You're only ever advised to read the manual, not read the f****** manual, which is nice and I'm sure just how Moose would want it!
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    Couldn't agree with you more. The only stupid questions are the ones that don't get asked. It is up to us old hands to politely point people in the direction of the correct page number and section in the manual. As I usually tell my grandchildren, I don't know all the answers but with age and experience I have a pretty good idea where to look for them.
    @liontamer - man I admire you greatly, but you really need to watch out for your blood pressure. You are not getting any younger. I prefer to smile sweetly while my brain says idiot. I have found this a much healthier lifestyle.
    Best regards to you both, PBked
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    My dad has MD. He says it's like looking at life through chicken wire?
    Hope you get many more years taking excellent photos and giving brilliant advice!
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