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Auto Correct at Costco

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Hi all,
Quick question, why do I still have to use the auto correct function at Costco when I print my pictures? If I don't a majority of them are just so dark, even if they look nice, bright and detailed on my MAC before I download them to print. I was told that my images will always looks better on the MAC screen than printed because the screen is illuminated, which makes sense I guess. I swear I never had this problem with film.


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    Will do! My MAC is new so I didn't believe there could be such a difference in my screen and the final print. A local camera club (which I'm going to join as they kindly welcome newbies) has recommended a camera shop that they like to use so I will give it a try. Thanks for your input, I was ready to give in and go back to a cheap point and shoot. All confidence has been lost with this camera!
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    I use Elements 10 to edit my images if need be before printing. I've always used the highest jpeg setting but I am totally unfamiliar with changing the DPI. Is there a place to research on how to do this?
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    Just read the article, and I'm curious now. Is this the downside of this Canon 60D versus the Rebel or is this a typical setting (75 DPI)? I have never come across this issue in the manual or how to books for the 60D.
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    I must thank you Liontamer! Your detailed explanation really helped me understand the concept. I changed the DPI to 300 right in elements 10. I wish I had known this info years ago; not one of my books nor classes ever addressed this issue! I reprinted a few shots and what a big difference! And I must tell you, I went back to my local Costco and the manager looked at my pictures from last week and told me their machine was not calibrated correctly. He reprinted my order for me and they look great.
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    Sorry you had such negative experiences with people who really don't care what they do at work. I guess I am lucky, the photo manager at my Costco is a true photographer, but I've definitely had my share of ruined negatives and poor printing.

    One more question regarding DPI. Do I crop before or after resizing or does it not matter?
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