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Converting Adobe RGB to RGB to Make Prints

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Hi All,
I am so happy to have found this forum today! Short background...had a Rebel XSI and took an adult ed class that was way over my head. I never really ventured off the auto setting side of the wheel. Took some nice shots over the past 6 years then my home was broken into and they took everything! Now I have a Canon 60D and a new desktop MAC. I am so determined to be a better photographer so I went out and bought a few 60D how to books. Now I think I'm in over my head! On the advise of one book, I changed my colorspace to Adobe RGB and shot in RAW & JPEG together. After numerous calls to Apple & Canon I was able to load my photos onto my computer in all sorts of files (I'm so lost at this point). I wanted to print a few pictures at Costco and found out today that they will convert all files (except RAW) to JPEG and they only use RGB. I went into Canon's digital photo program, my iphoto library and even my pictures files and now have no idea what to do! I just want to tweak some pictures, convert them to jpeg and have them printed at Costco. I also have Photoshop elements 10 in this mess/mix. Any advice would be so appreciated!
Thanks, A


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    Thanks Liontamer! That article confirmed my fears. Yes, I was well in over my head! I have been opening my files with the Canon software and converting them to jpeg after doing any minor editing. I did notice tho that my MAC only imported the files as SRGB so maybe I got lucky this time.

    In any case, I've already reset my camera; no more RAW or adobe for me!
    Thanks for you advise!
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    Just a warning, if you are as inexperienced as I am do not shoot RAW and Adobe. Three trips to the photo lab after hours of editing and all the shots look horrible. Liontamer, I wish I saw your article before I used the advise from the Canon 60D how to book I purchased.
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    I really should have done my homework before buying this camera. I had a Rebel XSI for years and was happy with it, but didn't take a lot of manual pictures. I mostly shot pictures of my kids in sports, and wildlife. The sports setting on that camera was very kind to me, and the pictures were very good 95% of the time. Then my home was broken into and they took everything! All my cameras, computers, etc. I was devastated and impulsive when it came time to replace my Rebel. I just went on a salesman's advice with this model. Big mistake! After reading your post I feel like I'm so over my head now. I've been taking photos with a point and shoot for 20 years, then went to the Rebel 35mm for a few years, then the digital. I've taken classes to learn the manual side and recently signed up for a local photography club thinking I'm finally going to "get it". Now I'm just ready to return this camera. Any suggestions for a model that is better suited for a non pro?
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