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Settings for Indoor Video on Tri/Monopod

edited May 2013 Posted in » Canon T3i Forum

What lens, settings and pod should I use? I'll be using the live video to capture kids singing at church, up front, so little movement. I'll be seated in the audience, say 30-50 meters away in fairly dim lighting overall, but with various spot lights shining on them on stage.

I have at my disposal a 50mm f/1.8, a 18-300mm f/5.6 zoom lens and a SB-400 flash. I also have a tripod and monopod. I'm actually thinking of using the monopod as I can keep that pretty still and it may be easier to set up while sitting down. Your thoughts?

Also, with your recommendation for the settings for video, let me know if it should be the same for still shots (before and after I video kids singing).

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing your advice given the shooting conditions.
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