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Looking for an Everyday Lens

edited April 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I have the kit lens that came with my D5100. I also have 2 prime lenses that I haven't quite experienced yet. I am looking for a lens that I can use everyday, whether it's portraits, outdoor, animals, or sports. Any suggestions on what would be a fairly inexpensive option? Thanks!


  • ejlejl
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    Thanks, that's very helpful. I don't shoot outdoor all the time, but will be doing more now with good weather.

    I'm learning a lot. I'm currently enrolled in NYIP and loving it. :)
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    I just bought the Sigma 18-250mm macro lens. It covers wide angle to zoom to macro in one lens, so pretty much your multi-use lens.
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    What prime lenses do you already have?

    35mm f/1.8G is a perfect everyday lens as it translates to a 52.5mm.
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    I bought the Sigma 18-200mm to take to Cyprus with me and I am pleased with the results. An ideal general purpose lens in my opinion.
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    Aside from some oddball manual primes that I cannot responsibly recommend, and an 85/2.8D tilt/shift micro that is expensive, manual focusing, preset aperture, and weighs a ton, I travel with the basic pair of 18-55mm kit lens, and the 55-300mm. Coverage is about as much as you can get, the lenses are sharp and easy to use, and they do just about everything you need. Better results can be had at times with more exotic lenses, but these basic zooms deliver a lot of bang for the buck. The 55-200mm is also good and often very cheap, though I don't think there are any mfg. discounts at the moment. I like the extra reach of the 300mm. If you're chasing animals you'll be glad of that extra length.

    If you were lens-less, I might recommend a more super-range zoom, but since you already have the 18-55mm I'd get a second that takes up where it leaves off. Super zooms involve some compromises, and although they're very handy, I also like the "belt and suspenders" security of having two lenses in case one quits on some faraway mountaintop.

    My wife has a D7100 with the same 55-300mm and her kit lens was the 18-140mm. It was nicer in many ways than the 18-55mm, but it's pretty expensive. A very nice walking-around lens. I borrowed it for a while when her battery died in Ecuador, and I was loath to give it back!

    If you like used with a decent warranty and quick shipping, check out Not the cheapest on the block, but reliable and their grading is conservative. You can get a 55-200mm VRI in nice shape for a bit over $100 now, the non VR version for less, and the 55-300mm (officially VR but really VRII) for about $200. Be aware though that if they don't say the caps and case are there, they probably are not.
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