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Rent a 580EXii or Buy a 270EXii?

edited April 2013 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I don't have much experience using a speed lite, but I want to have one on hand for a project this week. Is it better to rent the 580EXii model or should I just buy the 270EXii? Can't afford to buy the 430 or 580, but do you think the 270 is good enough?


  • @cincodemayo - If this will be used for your upcoming restaurant shoot (mentioned in another thread), I would rent the 580EX II. The 270EX II is fine for everyday family photos and simple portraits, but for professional shots of food inside a restaurant, you'll need the added power and recycling speed of the 580EX.

    One big issue with the 270EX is the fact that it can't 'bounce' light off a ceiling if shooting vertically (portrait orientation). Hope that all makes sense and happy shooting!
  • edited April 2013
    Hey Moose, yes it's for that same shoot. I actually ended up scratching both of those options and picking up a 430EX II last night from Best Buy. Never heard back from the rental place about the 580EX II. I read that it's much more powerful than the 270EX II, and I'll be working with pretty high ceilings so I figured that or the 580EX II was the way to go. Thanks again for the help!
  • @cincodemayo - Yep, the 430EX II will serve you made the right choice. All the best!
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