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Lens and Mode in a Fast-paced Restaurant

edited April 2013 Posted in » Canon T2i Forum
I'm going to take a bunch of pictures next week in a popular fast-paced restaurant. I've got a T2i with a 18-55mm and a 55-250mm lens, but I'm guessing the 18-55mm is the way to go. I'll also bring my 50mm pancake.

I think the lighting in the restaurant should work just fine, but if I can afford it I'll probably pick up a Canon 270EX.

I'll be shooting for 2 days with breaks here and there, but I'm guessing I should pick up another battery? Also, what lens should I use for quick shots and is there a particular mode that will work best? I'll experiment when I get to the location, but any help is much appreciated!


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    Thanks for the advice Moose, it's really helpful stuff.

    FYI, it's the 50mm f/1.8 and I don't have the 270EX yet. The restaurant itself is pretty naturally lit. I've taken photos at dinner before and they've come out great. If I can swing it I'll buy the 270EX before I go as I'm sure it'll definitely come in handy when taking some portraits of the waiters, which I plan to do.

    What are your thoughts on the extra battery (generic brand versus Canon)? Should I only be considering official Canon batteries or are there any good substitutes?

    Thanks again!
  • @cincodemayo - Got ya, in that case I recommend renting a Canon 430EX or 580EX. For around $20 to $25, you'll be able to use it for 3 days. Those speedlites are much more powerful and ideal for bouncing light in larger size rooms (like a restaurant).

    Regarding batteries, I usually just go with third party brands (although I always have a spare for my spare just in case of a failure). Your money is better spent on other equipment.

    All the best and be sure to post a link to an online gallery after your shoot!
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    Hey again Moose.

    I took your advice and picked up an extra battery (I got Best Buy to match the Amazon price for a Canon battery). I'm working on renting the speedlite, but I'll be traveling to Miami for this shoot and I'm having trouble locating a local company to rent it from. Still looking though.

    A couple of other questions:

    1. Although I'll be shooting in color, these photos will end up being printed in a book as small black and white photos (probably no larger than 3" x 5"). I only have 16GB and 32GB cards and I'll be taking a lot of shots. Would you recommend shooting in RAW, RAW + JPEG or just large JPEG?

    2. Are my T2i and lenses ok going through the x-ray machine at the airport? I think I've taken them with me before and it's never been an issue, but I just want to double check on that.

    3. Any cheap ideas to protect lenses? I have a case that I take with me when I'm local, but I want to bring all my lenses. Will socks work?

    Thanks again for all your help with this!
  • @cincodemayo - Regarding rentals, have you check any of the online rental companies, like Borrow Lenses?

    1. I'm a big supporter of RAW for image adjustment in post-processing, however, in your particular situation I'd probably shoot JPEG.

    2. Yes, they'll be fine.

    3. I would put your lenses in a carry-on bag. Airport security may have to open your bag for security reasons, and they may not be careful with lenses placed inside your checked bag. Also, you don't want to run the risk of your bag being lost and you don't have any equipment for the shoot.

    Glad to help! :)
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    Thanks again!

    I did come across Borrow Lenses, but I waited too long and the shipping alone would be more than the rental!

    I'm thinking large JPEG should be fine too. I'd love to work with RAW, but I think we'll be taking a lot of shots and viewing them on an iPad, and with the limited card size, I have to agree with you.

    Ended up picking up a Canon 200DG bag at Best Buy while I was grabbing that 430EX II. Seems a bit safer than just tossing my equipment into my backpack. FYI, they wanted $61 for the bag and Amazon had it for $38 so they priced matched it! Same for the lens. If anyone on here purchases any items from Best Buy, make sure you have them price match the competitors!

    Thanks again for all your help Moose. Off to the shoot in a few hours. I'll be sure to report back!
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    @cincodemayo - Glad to hear Best Buy is price matching Amazon. Last time I tried that, I got a blank stare from the sales rep. :)

    Best of luck on your shoot!
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