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Auto White Balance Too Yellow

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When I shoot indoors with the white balance set to Auto, it always seems to come out too yellow and it's too time consuming to correct each image in post process. How can I change the settings in camera to avoid this? I have tried using the tungsten setting, but then it just ends up far too blue. I never had this issue with my 1000D. Please advise. Thanks!


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    Hi Liontamer,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. The thing is, I never had this problem with my 1000D using the auto white balance. I'm using all the same settings, but with the 60D (with external flash) the AWB consistently gives a yellow hue that has to be fixed in post process every time. Could it be a problem with my camera? I'm really unhappy with this.
  • Howdy @New60D - AWB is fine for outdoors, but not great for indoors. As you can imagine, every camera handles auto white balance differently.

    If you want accurate white balance indoors, the best thing you can do is to run a custom white balance reading (all you really need is a white piece of paper or a white wall). This will give you more accurate colors. All the best!
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    @moose - can you run through step by step of how to set up custom white balance? Is this something I'd have to do in every new place I take photos?

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  • Thanks, I'm going to try it next time!
  • I have an easier fix... Go to white balance shift and go to B8... JUST MOVE TO THE LEFT 8 TIMES... Presto.. Perfect indoor shots every time while using AWB. Just remember to shift back to zero when you go outdoors.
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