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Live View Image Not Changing in Manual Mode

edited April 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I'm using manual mode along with live view. When I use the dial to change the aperture or speed, the live view image doesn't seem to change.

Example: If I set the shutter speed to 1/60, the aperture to f/3.5 and I start lowering the shutter speed (1/50 to 1/40 to 1/30, etc...), isn't the picture on screen supposed to get brighter and brighter?

What's wrong here? Does Nikon not have this feature? Thank you so much!


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    Howdy @glockstan - Is it possible you have your ISO set to Auto? If so, the D5100 could be compensating the ISO value based on the shutter speed your selecting.
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    You will only see changes if you take the shot and preview your image. If you set an aperture of f/11, the lens will set this f value and cut the light while you are taking the picture. If you change anything while you are using liveview, nothing will change on your LCD screen.

    Liveview means that the mirror is up before the sensor. You can see on your LCD what your sensor is seeing. It doesn’t matter if you use liveview or the viewfinder, you will always see the scene through the lens on its widest possible apreture (f3.5, f2.8).
    When you press the shutter button to take the picture, immediately after the aperture will change to your required settings (for example f/11). After the exposure, it will jump back to the widest aperture again.

    The shutter speed affects the time until the light will hit your sensor. There are 2 curtains in front of your sensor (front curtain and rear curtain). While you’re taking the shot, the front curtain flips up, letting the light hit the sensor until the time you want (this is when the shutter speed comes up). Right after the rear curtain comes and cuts off the light in front of the sensor.

    It doesn’t matter what aperture or shutter speed you set, those settings will only take affect while you are taking the shot (totally press the shutter button).
  • @glockstan - I did a little digging and @szlaszlo07 is correct. The live view image essentially acts like the viewfinder...meaning you won't actually see the true exposure until you take the shot. Thanks @szlaszlo07!
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