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Delkin Snug It Pro

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    Hello @lbonahue,

    I don't know anyone who has purchased this. What are you trying to protect your T2i from? This is possibly good for protecting your camera from accidentally dropping it, but seeing that it has an opening for the main and mode dials, I wouldn't trust it to help with rain. It does not appear to weather proof your camera, and it's not marketed as such either.

    Personally I wouldn't buy it. Better to invest in a good, weatherproof camera bag that will protect both your camera body and your lenses.
  • Well, I was thinking more of a little extra protection from accidental dropping than any sort of weather protection.
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    I second all that Amigo says. It's just a gimmick. If you were to drop your camera with a lens attached, I bet you can guess which part is going to hit the ground first and there are no protective gloves for lenses.
    Also, sod's law says that whatever you do to protect your camera, the accident you have will not be catered for. I always used a good neckstrap and kept one hand firmly round the lens when walking, to save the camera swinging about or in its bag.
  • Howdy @lbonahue - I agree with everything @amigo and @PBked pointed out. Let me know if you have any other questions and happy shooting!
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    Thanks for all the input. :) You guys are probably right. If the camera did drop, having a rubber case around it probably wouldn't help that much.

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    At first I wasn't going to try the Delkin Snug It Pro, but when I found it on Amazon for $20.00 I decided to order one. Let's face it, if it didn't work I could always send it back. Well it has been on my camera for a few weeks now and I have to say it's on to stay!

    While everyone is right about it not being much protection if the camera drops, it does however give you a little more protection against possible scratches and dings and the occasional sticky fingers. The case itself is very easy to put on and fits like a glove. All of the buttons on the back are marked and are still very easy to use. I also had no problem attaching any of my lenses even with a slight lip in the front.

    The hot shoe cover is nice and doesn't bother the pop up flash in any way. The only 2 things that I had to get used to was how the case felt and the fact that it took a bit more to press the shutter button than normal.

    The case felt a little slick at first, but since I've been using it it's much better. As for the shutter button, I just got out the Xacto knife and cut out the hole where the shutter button is; problem solved.

    The case also comes with 2 different types of screen protectors. One is a thin plastic one that is supposed to go over the LCD display and the other is a thicker rigid plastic one that fits in the back of the case. I didn't use either of them because I already have the GGS glass LCD screen protector on my camera.

    - Lisa
  • @lbonahue - Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience with the case. I'm sure it will help others out there who are contemplating it. Happy shooting! :)
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