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Retouch Menu is not Accessible

edited March 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I am unable to access the retouch menu. It popped up a message saying, "This option is not available at current settings or in the camera current state".
Can any one help me access retouch options in the settings?


  • @akandala - Do you already have images on your memory card taken with your D5100? When playing back the images on the LCD, you can also press the (OK) button to access the retouch menu options.

    Also, I believe you can only "retouch" a photo once. Meaning you can't go back to the retouched photo and retouch it again. You would actually have to go back to the original image and retouch that instead.

    Hope that all makes sense and happy shooting! :)
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