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Light Attachments

edited March 2013 Posted in » Canon 60D Forum
I've been using my 60D since October and I'm finally looking to purchase a light, but I only have about $100 to spend at the moment. Does anyone have any suggestions on good, reliable lights at that price?


  • Howdy @majorino760 - I'm guessing you're referring to a speedlite? If so, you could probably find a used 270EX for around $100. This is a great starter flash, which is also extremely light and portable.

    If you need a bit more power and functionality, the 320EX or 430EX II would be the next step up. Happy shooting!
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    @Moose yes, my fault for not clarifying. What are your opinions on the Meike macro flash ring?
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    I didn't know that, I'm still a beginner. Thanks for the clarification, but I'm doing hip hop videos, not full scenes just yet. After the summer I plan on investing in scene lighting.
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    Oh ok. Well I've been getting some decent footage, but like I said I'm still relatively new. I use Final Cut Pro X. I'm going to expect some backlash for that one. :)
  • @majorino760 - Since you're interested in recording video, forget my first reply. Speedlite's are meant for stills.

    I haven't experimented with the ring light you mentioned, but you might looking into getting a beauty dish.

    Many of the latest music videos use beauty dishes for close-ups in their video sequences. You should be able to find one under a $100 bucks. Hope that helps! :)
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