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Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D

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Would the Nikon AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D be a good add on lens? Just got my new Nikon D3100 and wondered if I should buy this?


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    This is a very popular lens. You may find it worth the money to get the G rather than the D for autofocusing purposes. That is the 50mm f/1.8G. Another to consider will be the 35mm f/1.8G.

    The nifty 50 is highly regarded and an amazing lens, however, depending on what you're shooting preference is it may lead you to the wider 35mm since you have a 1.5x crop sensor.The 35mm will = 52.5mm field of view, and the 50mm will = 75mm field of view.

    Either of these is a great buy, dare I say a must have, but you'll have to decide between the two on preference alone.

    Do you have the 18-55mm kit lens or another than covers that range? If so, try setting it to 35mm for a few hours and see how you like it. Then set it to 50mm and do the same.
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    I do have the 18-55mm lens kit. Thanks for your input.
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    Awesome, well you still have the 1.5x crop factor so try out both and decide if you like a little more reach or a little wider field of view! I personally prefer the 35mm f/1.8G, not for quality over the 50mm but for the wider angle of view (especially when indoors).
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    Thanks for your comments. I bought the 50mm f/1.8g lens and noticed it auto focuses when I use screen view, but when I look through the eye piece to take shots it's out of focus. I am an amateur and would like your recommendations and settings to get best use of this lens. Can you help me?
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    It will appear out of focus until you hold down the shutter button half way. Once you begin to press it should focus for you. If it does not, check that the switch on the lens is set to M/A and your camera isn't in any weird settings that it shouldn't be. If it's still acting up then someone should be able to further direct you.
  • @Preno - Again, I second all the advice that @Adelphos has given you. Thanks @Adelphos!
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    I have the same situation. I'm confused between these 2 lenses. It won't autofocus on the D5100 if I don't go for the AF-S lens in either the 35mm or 50mm.
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    Look for the suffix "G" at the end of the f/1.8.

    f/1.8 D will not auto focus for you.

    f/1.8 G will auto focus.
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    Please help me. I want to use my 50mm f/1.8 D with my Nikon D5200. Though it will work in manual mode, is there some setting required to blur the background of the subject?
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