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Focusing with a Micro Lens

edited February 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
I have a D5100 along with a Nikkor 40mm micro lens. Is there a way to to lessen the amount of blurring I get? For example, if I am taking a close-up picture of a hot wheels car, can I focus on the front wheel without the back wheel blurring (the car facing the camera)?

I hope that makes sense, thanks.


  • Have you tried putting your camera in A-priority and playing with different apertures?
  • @ottawadc - I agree with @Adelphos. The "blur" you're talking about is related to the depth of field or area in focus. The depth of field is controlled by the aperture. Lower f/numbers like f/2.8 will result in a very shallow area in focus, while higher f/numbers like f/8 or higher will put more of the scene into focus. Just enable Aperture priority (A on the mode dial) and rotate the command dial to select your aperture. Happy shooting!
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