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Best Lenses for Street Photography

edited February 2013 Posted in » Nikon D5100 Forum
What are the the best lenses for street photography (portrait shooting and scene shooting)? Help me, guys! Thanks!


  • Arguably, the 35 or 50mm Primes would be best for snapping quick candids of people/places on the street.
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    I am a noob in all this, but if I have understand it correctly, using a 35mm would result in a 52.5mm and a 50mm would result in a75 mm. Is that true?
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    That is correct, 35mm = 52.5mm and 50mm = 75mm. Do you have the 18-55mm kit lens? Set it to 35mm for a while and then 50mm for a while. Same angle of view, just the prime lens will give you better performance, especially in low light situations.

    For random/street stuff the 35mm is plenty tight. It's all preference. Some prefer the longer 50mm, I personally feel the 35mm is tight enough, especially for tight spaces. Just look through both and make your pick.

    For portraits the primes will make due but they are not portrait lenses, so to speak. You can still get great pics of people out of them.

    The only one who can tell what you would like is you in the long run. Try both out, or even other lenses.
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